Tips to care your fiberglass boat

Tips to care your fiberglass boat

fiberglass boat

Maintenance and clean:
Fiberglass and gelcoat, which needs to be regularly cleaned, waxed, and polished for both protective and cosmetic purposes. Not only will keeping your gel coat shiny make your boat look good, it will also prevent oxidation, which makes fiberglass dull and chalky.

Fix cracks:
A fiberglass boat can be susceptible to small cracks in the hull if you do a lot of sailing in rough water, or like to beach your boat for land excursions. These small cracks can turn into very large cracks in a small amount of time if they are not addressed. You can accomplish this easily with a fiberglass repair kit. The epoxy in the kit will spread out on the surface of the boat and harden to a smooth finish.

Replace pump yearly:
One of the main problems with a fiberglass boat, or any boat for that matter, is the pump. When the pump does not work right it does not get rid of the water that trickles in. For this reason the pump should be replaced each year, or every other year if you do not use your boat regularly. It is a simple process and done with basic hand tools.

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Last Job

Irma storm damage lot of Boats in south of Florida. This is an example of a Boat hitted. This hole was two feet long
and ten inches width. Below you can appreciate the hard work of rebuild by our technicians. Just need the finishing work to be completed.