About Us

About Us

Universal Fiberglass Solutions offer to our customers a comfortable Mobile service of fiberglass And Gelcoat repair on boats, yachts, jetskis, pools or any item built in fiberglass composite. The expect that will to help you on in your need will have the skills And experience necessary to do an excellent job.

We Work in about 100 Boats And 12 Fiberglass Pools every year. Jobs from little chips, to floor and transom replacement. The Fiberglass pools are just repainted or restored applying coats of Fiberglass in order to reinforce its.

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Last Job

Irma storm damage lot of Boats in south of Florida. This is an example of a Boat hitted. This hole was two feet long
and ten inches width. Below you can appreciate the hard work of rebuild by our technicians. Just need the finishing work to be completed.