5 Reasons to have a fiberglass pool

5 Reasons to have a fiberglass pool

Low cost of maintenance:
The surface of the Fiberglass Pool shell is nonporous. This inhibits the growth of algae and reduces the amount of sanitizing chemicals required to maintain the pool. You will saving money to shopping chemicals products and items for pool cleaning.

Quick Installation
Because the Fiberglass Pool shell is manufactured off site, the installation of the shell typically occurs in about two days. Compare this with three to six months with a concrete pool, and we're talking about a huge difference in the duration of time your yard is in disarray and often the difference between swimming this year or waiting until next summer.

Ease Installation
With a vinyl siding pool, the ambient temperature has to be a certain level so that the siding does not wrinkle when installed. With concrete, rain and diference of temperatures can also wreak havoc. But with Fiberglass, the installation is rarely affected by this type of uncontrollable acts of nature.

We can do amazing things, designs, modifications and more with Fiberglass and give a very nice look to your Fiberglass Pool.

Work well with Salt Chorine Generators:
Salt chlorinators have proven to be a low maintenance, high water quality option for pool owners. However, if you have ever seen what de-icing salt does to the surface of a sidewalk, you can guess what it does to the surface of a concrete pool. In our opinion, this makes the combination of salt systems and concrete pools unfavorable. Also, many vinyl liner pools are constructed with metal wall panels, and most have aluminum coping around the perimeter of the pool....this is also a terrible scenario for a salt system. The liner will eventually leak, meaning good-bye wall panel! In comparison, Fiberglass Pools and salt systems go together like peanut butter and jelly. With no adverse effect on the Fiberglass shell, you can enjoy the low maintenance benefits of salt with confidence that your pool is not compromised.

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Irma storm damage lot of Boats in south of Florida. This is an example of a Boat hitted. This hole was two feet long
and ten inches width. Below you can appreciate the hard work of rebuild by our technicians. Just need the finishing work to be completed.